Impact glass can help protect your investment as well as reduce your energy bill.

A&M Hurricane protection impact glass is one of the most useful options available to date for any home or commercial area. Impact glass helps reduce utility bills and reduce the chances of a robber breaking into your investment. A lot of impact glass consumers noticed rather quickly how well these items (impact windows, impact doors, etc.) hold up against strong hurricane winds and weather. Keeping in mind that the winds are the least of the threat during this weather is proof of just how effective impact glass can be during the harsh weathers. Impact glass is an excellent way to help improve your home or business and continuously give the added benefit of helping you save money once they are installed.

impact-windows-miami2Impact Windows

A&M Hurricane protection impact windows are a very popular trend at the moment because of how convenient it is to have your home. Impact windows are an excellent option to have because they can hold up against heavy damage. Whether its hurricane like winds or just inclement weather they can hold up against a lot of damage without being affected. Impact windows can also survive the debris that tends to be carried around by these hurricane winds keeping your home safe. Having impact windows can also help prevent theft because they do not break as easily as most robbers would hope. Read More…


impact-doors-miami2Impact Doors

Impact doors can take on several different shapes and forms. Depending on your need that is where the options become available by the best fitting design. There are flexible impact doors, clear impact doors as well as rigid. The difference is mainly just the design and texture the effectiveness of each product is still just as effective as the next. They can hold up against potential damage better than most people would expect and offer the final product that you desire for your home or business. Read More…